The Grand Duchy of Tutonica

The Grand Duchy of Tutonica lies to the east of the Kingdom of Aeropa. It is a loose confederation of dukedoms, Earldoms, city-states, chiefdoms, etc. It is “ruled” by the Grand Duke who only maintains power through military might and and force of will.

Almost all forms of “government” and society exist within its ever changing boundries, but the “Iron Duke” has final say in all matters. This is probably good, as the constant battles on its eastern fringe require considerable resources to be brought to bear, and there is no nationalized force.

Occasionally Aeropia will send expeditions to help, but these are rare and of limited scope and size.

The races are not nearly as friendly to each other, as the whole region is more “tribal” in its affiliations. Mixing of races is not common, and their are frequent internal disputes that often require the Dukes direct involvement to settle. The Duke does have a good core of regional leaders that recognize the overall safety of their own peoples is largely dependant on the success of the Duchy as a whole. However, there is a history of the occasional outright rebellion, especially to the south where the influence of the Merchant States is much more prevalent.

The Grand Duchy of Tutonica

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