Gran Breetan

Somwhat less affected by The Change than other realms, Gran Breetan has retained significantly more knowledge from the last age of Technolgy and Science. But still, it is heavily influenced by the New Powers that are already more widely studied. Interestingly, there is a substantial amount of “merging” of the old and the new, not seen anywhere else in the known world.

In Gran Breetan, The House of Lords hold the real power, and Kings serve only if they can hold together a coalition in a faction strong enough to overcome all others. A continuous state of civil war might be how to describe it, ebbing and flowing depending on when the last great house was defeated. Wandering bands of mercenaries are not uncommon.

Gran Breetan seems to always be looking over the horizon from its island kingdom, with colonies in the Northern Wastes, on the mainland, in Eyeboria, even as far as Oforica. To this end, it has always had strong, though feudal, navies that sometime band together to go conquer some new area to add to its fledgling “empire”. This has also been the mainstay of its defense. Gran Bretan has yet to experience any form of invasion since The Change. This also puts it in direct competition with the Merchant States for the commercial trade routes centers of activity.

Gran Breetan is only for the most human of races; Human, Dwarf, Halfling and Elves. All others are unwelcome and shunned. Intermarriage between these 4 is common however, usually to seal alliances between lords. Occasionally, lords will hire bands of mercenaries that include other races, but that is business, and not permanent settlement.

Gran Breetan

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